Digital Color and Imaging Services

Creative and technical solutions for film, TV, and commercial production and post-production.

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Color and Finishing

Supervised Session

Our comfy, calibrated-to-spec color suite is perfect for in-person grading sessions.

Remote Workflow

Our integration makes remote collaboration seamless, keeping creativity at the center.

On-Site Grading

Our mobile color station can roll right into your office for your convenience and fast turnaround.

Color Reel

Recent Work

Live Streaming

We understand the pain-points of on-set streaming. So we set out to create a simple, secure, and reliable end-to-end solution designed specifically for our industry.

Purpose-Built Hardware Encoder

We are experienced in single or multi-cam high quality, low compression video encoding from set to anywhere in the world. We utilize multiple methods for streaming depending on the specific needs of the production.

  • Compact all-in-one briefcase for on-the-go productions.
  • ultra high quality, multi-cam encoding from powerful workstations for lowest latency, highest quality.

High Powered Cellular Bonding

Whether there is hardline-internet available at your location, or you’re in a rural area with little cellular reception, we are your best best for getting the stream to your viewers.

Utilizing high gain antennas and multiple cellular modems bonded together to optimize data throughput and reliability, our solutions can perform when typical hotspots fail.

Cloud Integration

We’re partnered with to provide a client viewing portal designed specifically for remote video village viewing and collaboration. It features low latency, encrypted security, high image quality, as well as a full video chat feature set. solves the problems of low quality, insecure and complicated web-conferencing solutions.

File Transfers

Production timelines are tighter than ever. Shipping cutoff times don’t always agree with wrap times. Whether we are managing your data on set or not, we can provide point-to-point file transfers to anywhere around the world.

Picture and sound files fly through our Seattle-based gigabit hub securely into Amazon's S3 high speed network for worldwide distribution.

Digital Imaging and Media Management

Thatcher is a veteran local 600 DIT with experience managing on-set color workflow and media on projects of all sizes; from large-scale features and commercials to small corporate shoots and documentaries

Live Grading

Live image grading and look management using Pomfort Livegrade with multi-cam support

Dailies Transcoding

On-set or near-set dailies grading and transcoding as well as sound sync and metadata management

Media Management

Camera and sound media secure backup, duplication, compete with customized reports.

Video Engineering

Multicam routing, switching, and distribution for small or large scale live productions.

Transcoding and Media Preparation

We provide rush overnight dailies transcoding and sound syncing, converting any file type from any camera to a common edit-friendly format.

Display Calibration

You rely on the accuracy of your tools to make the best creative decisions. We provide display calibration for an end to end color-accurate image pipeline.

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